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From time to time, ETV Motors Ltd issues media releases about its ongoing development, corporate milestones and other significant company happenings. Past releases are archived below. 

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ETV Motors in the news

As an emerging presence in the hybrid and EV industries, ETV Motors Ltd is frequently mentioned in the media. Some recent appearances [newest at the top]:

  Green Car Congress

ETV Motors signs $2M battery contract with aerospace company [24-Nov-10] ETV Motors signed a 2-year, approx. US$2-million agreement for the development and delivery of specialty batteries for aviation applications. The customer is a global aerospace company. This marks the first substantial contract based on the company’s high-energy High5ive battery cell technology. High5ive battery cells feature a Lithium Ion NMS (nickel manganese oxide spinel) cathode of proprietary formulation and design. Together with the electrolyte, anode and additional components, they make up the high-voltage, high-energy and high-power cells that will be the components for high-performance, large-format batteries. Online


ETV Motors Shifts Gears ...The company has secured an agreement (worth approximately $2 million between now and 2012) with a global aerospace company to develop and deliver its batteries for use in aviation applications. Within a year to 18 months, Meshel said in an interview this week, ETV hopes to complete development of battery cells for automotive applications... [Earth2Tech/GigaOM 21-Nov-10] Online [PDF]

  Green Car Congress 

High5ive Batteries Take to the Air: Green Car Congress reported (12-Nov-10) that ETV Motors Ltd., an Israel-based technology start-up focused on developing battery technology for electric vehicles, demonstrated the ability of its high-voltage High5ive battery technology to propel a radio-controlled airplne. The High5ive battery is based on a proprietary formulation, using a lithium manganese nickel oxide spinel (LMNS) cathode developed in collaboration with the electrochemistry team at Bar Ilan University... Online

  NBC Network

Legendary business guru George Gilder on ETV Motors: “'I was struck by the caliber and determination of the people behind the company. The world needs top-notch technology of the kind under development at ETV Motors,' he said." [Click for full text] (WIBR Knoxville TN 2-Jul-10)


20 Battery Startups Hitting the Road With Lithium-ion [Full text of article] "When [Earth2Tech] first put out our list of 13 startups working on lithium-ion batteries for vehicles, the market was waiting for billions of stimulus dollars for advanced batteries to be doled out, and hoping to gear up for its biggest ever plug-in vehicle push in 2010. That was a half a year ago... Here’s our updated list, now with 20 battery startups (working on battery cells, materials, management systems and other tech) you should know about [including ETV Motors]" (, 14-Jan-10)


Back to the Future: Is turbine technology the way forward for serial hybrid powertrains? One leading supplier is investigating "For generations, no technology has served the needs of mainstream vehicle propulsion better than piston engines. But as technology continues to evolve, and environmental and social pressures grow, many see the automobile industry at another tipping point. New and sustainable forms of power generation are contributing to a shift away from reciprocating ICEs in favour of cleaner, more efficient solutions that are friendlier to the ecology."  (Electric & Hybrid International, January 2010 - entire magazine is online here)

NY Times logo 

E.P.A. Says M.P.G. for Electric Cars and Plug-in Hybrids Is a Work in Progress "The E.P.A.’s letter was in response to a Sept. 10 proposal from Israel’s ETV Motors, which is working on battery technology as well as a hybrid concept that uses a micro-turbine to replenish an E.V.’s batteries." (New York Times 1-Oct-09) [PDF]

  Autoblog Green logo 

ETV Motors challenges EPA on emerging plug-in MPG rules "ETV Motors, the company behind the modified Prius with an extended-range microtubrine, believes that the EPA's emerging MPG methodology for plug-in vehicles – the one that allowed GM to proclaim a 230 mpg rating for the Chevy Volt and which Nissan used to say the all-electric Leaf gets 367 mpg – is clear as mud." (AutoBlog Green 26-Sep-09) [PDF]

  USA Today logo 

Debate begins about fuel ratings on electric cars "As the government hammers out how it will rate the fuel efficiency of hybrid-electric and all-electric vehicles, an Israeli company wants to make sure the U.S. gets it right... ETV Motors, a company that specializes in self-charging hybrid-electric propulsion systems for cars, has suggested in a letter to the EPA that the government consider a new multiple standard." (USA Today 22-Sep-09) [Online source] [PDF]

  EurActive logo

Inventors look to crack electric car conundrum (EurActiv, 30-Jul-09)

  Motor Trend UK logo

Israeli Start-Up Creates Turbine-Powered Hybrid From a Toyota Prius (MotorTrend, UK, 23-Jul-09) 

  USA Today

Whoosh! Israeli firm creates jet-engine-powered Toyota Prius (USA Today, 22-Jul-09)

  Globes Israel

ETV Motors offers a jet engine for the greenies (GLOBES - Hebrew, 22-Jul-09)

  EV World 

Israel's ETV Motors Develops Micro-Turbine Plug-in Hybrid (EV World, 22-Jul-09)


Feature: Jet turbine could power hybrid electric car (Reuters 21-Jul-09)

  Scientific American

Jet turbine could power hybrid electric car (Scientific American 21-Jul-09)


Jet turbine could power hybrid electric car (Forbes Magazine, 21-Jul-09)

  Interactive Investor 

Jet turbine could power hybrid electric car (Interactive Investor UK, 21-Jul-09)

Israeli Firm Developing Microturbine/Battery System for Plug-In Hybrid (, 21-Jul-09)


Jet turbine could power hybrid electric car (CNBC, 21-Jul-09)

  Fast Company

ETV Motors Building Hybrid Electric Car Powered by Jet Turbine Engine (Fast Company, 21-Jul-09)

  Christian Science Monitor

Environmentally friendly cars with laser ignitions and jet engines (Christian Science Monitor, 21-Jul-09)

  Autoblog Green

ETV Motors demonstrates extended-range Prius with microturbine (Autoblog Green, 13-Jul-09)

  Green Car Congress

ETV Motors Demonstrates Proof-of-Concept Microturbine-Based Range-Extended Electric Prius (Green Car Congress, 12-Jul-09)

  Red Herring

ETV Motors Revs Up $12M (Red Herring, 21-Apr-09)

Selected videos

 ^ Video: Jet turbine powers new breed of car (Reuters TV, 21-Jul-09)  
Video: With the muffled roar of a jet engine, the test vehicle an Israeli start-up hopes will prove to be the future of the hybrid electric car is ignited. Source: New Tang Dynasty Television (NTDTV), New York, 29-Jul-09)  
 ^  Video: Introducing ETV Motors: ETVM’s Chief Operating Officer, Arnold Roth, describes the challenges that the company has set out to address (Jan ‘09)